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"Amsterdam based singer songwriter Roos Jonker sounds as if she was touched by an angel, sounding as if she is right there in your room, sitting and singing right next to you, while you daydream away or read a book – you can almost touch her breath and see her soul. In 2020 a new album is released ten years after Roos Jonker’s debut solo album ‘Mmmmm’ from 2010. Together with Dean Tippet, Jonker also released three records as members of ‘We’ll Make It Right’ (‘In a Cabin With’ in 2009, ‘We’ll Right It Make’ in 2011 and ‘House’ in 2014), and toured Japan following the success of the 2011 album. In 2018, fellow-musician, producer and friend Eelco Topper joined in to share his many talents (and studio).

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Being on a creative spree since the release of ‘Tape 1/Tape 2’(2018), with his ‘Felbm’ project, the energetic amateur ornithologist initiated a series of recording sessions with Tippet and Jonker, despite needy kids and no matter how hot it was. And so it happened that these beautiful songs,  possible future classics written 

by Jonker and Tippet, hatched their hibernation location to be recorded carefully and thoroughly in The Netherlands. The new album 'Roos Jonker & Dean Tippet' will be released worldwide this summer by Sonar Kollektiv, with singles launching prior to the album release in March and May 2020."        (by Paul Dezentjé)

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